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CANNACURE Pest Deterrent Concentrate and Foliar Feed

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1 litre

CANNACURE controls plant pests by environmentally friendly physical means and stimulates growth as a leaf nutrient. Can be used with heavy infestation e.g., whitefly and spider mite as well as mealy bug. When you use CANNACURE you are applying a foliar feed, comprehensive pesticide and mildewcide at the same time.

Repeat spraying after 3 days and again - if necessary - after a further 3 days. Then weekly afterwards. Heavy infestation will not occur when CANNACURE is applied thoroughly to upper and lower leaf surfaces on a weekly basis - from the early commencement of your plant to harvesting time.

CANNACURE does not only control pests but prevents plants from having them. It is a very safe product and can be used without intervals between spraying and harvesting.

CANNACURE is biodegradable and can be used on edible as well as ornamental crops.

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