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BioChar Peat Free All Purpose Compost 20ltr

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20 litre bag

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GroChar All Purpose Compost is an excellent organic alternative to peat, with all the benefits of enriched biochar. Use for indoor and outdoor planting, in containers, hanging baskets or for potting on.

GroChar fertiliser, soil improver and composts contain no peat and are Soil Association approved.

The key ingredient is Biochar, a form of highly porous ‘super charcoal’ which naturally helps improve soil structure, enhances soil fertility and boosts soil health. It doesn’t decompose and provides the perfect habitat for mycorrhizal fungi, actinomycetes bacteria and other beneficial soil organisms to thrive. Biochar is enriched with mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed and worm casts to increase trace minerals, add good bacteria and maximise nutrient uptake. Used by professional growers, allotment holders and home gardeners alike, Carbon Gold products have achieved some amazing results in a number of scientific and commercial trials.

The Benefits of Carbon Gold

  • Stronger root development
  • Quicker plant establishment
  • Better natural plant vigour
  • Excellent water retention

Apply directly to your soil or mix with compost. Chemical free and Soil Association approved.

Praise for Carbon Gold...

“I’ve been using Carbon Gold as our main compost for 2 years and it continues to give high performance with low watering requirements, good germination and excellent plant health.”

Jez Taylor, Market Gardener, Daylesford Organic Farm.

“More crops in the same space with less watering, excellent!”

James Wong, ethnobotanist, TV presenter and garden designer.

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