Autopot Watering System (4 Pots )

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For gardeners growing bigger plants or with more space, the 4Pot system is ideal. Supplied with a 47ltr tank, it features four individual reservoirs each with their own, independent AQUAvalve and each holding a single 15ltr pot. Particularly suited to growing large plants such as chillies and soft fruit bushes, additional single modules can be easily added to expand your capacity.

One pot reservoir measures 35cm/14in W x 24.5cm/9 ½ in D. Colour: Black.

AutoPot is a revolutionary irrigation system that allows plants to take up just the right amount of water they need to thrive. Requiring no electricity, mains water, pumps or timers, its gravity fed and lets the individual plant control its own watering.
Each pot in this modular system is controlled by a unique AQUAvalve, which allows nutrient-rich water into the pot’s reservoir only when the level drops below a certain point. The result is an irrigation system that dramatically reduces watering time and is perfect for greenhouses and allotments. Because AutoPot allows plants to take up water when they need it, the result is healthier plants with bigger yields for less effort!
The Benefits of AutoPot
- No need for daily watering, the system can be unattended for weeks
- Operates without electricity or mains water – ideal for allotments
- Gives healthier, heavier yielding plants that take up water when they need it
- Environmentally friendly, one of the world’s most water efficient irrigation systems
- Modular system can be extended quickly and easily

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