3 in 1 pH, Moisture and Light Meter

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This 3 in 1 meter checks your soil pH (acidity/alkalinity), moisture content and light levels. No battery required. Please store in a dry place, always wipe off after use. Can also be used for house plants.

pH Meter
Checks the soil for pH level and helps identify the best growing environment for your outdoor and indoor plants, shrubs, vegetables and trees.
pH (acidity /alkalinity) levels control how well plants absorb and utilize nutrients available in the soil.
Instructions for pH Meter:
1. Set switch to right.
2. Make sure the probe is clean of soil. Wipe with a soft cloth or tissue.
3. For the pH reading of soil remove all stones, rocks, weeds and grass from around the plants.
4. Insert the probe into the soil. It is recommended to moisten any dry soil before inserting the probe. Leave for 60 seconds.
5. Take a reading & consult your plant’s instructions.
6. For pH reading of liquids the probe should be dipped in the liquid, placed in a glass or plastic container and like soil, measure its pH after 60 seconds. Consult your plant’s instructions.
3 - 7 reading represents Acid pH
7 - reading represents Neutral pH
7 - 10 reading represents Alkaline pH

Moisture Meter
Checks the moisture content of your compost to help prevent under or over watering of your house plants.
Instructions for Moisture Meter:
1. Set switch to left.
2. Make sure the probe is clean of compost. Wipe with a soft cloth or tissue.
3. Insert probe into the compost at 3/4 of its length between the pot and plant & leave for 60 seconds.
4. Red Zone 1 to 3
Do not add water until the moisture needle is in the first half of the red zone. This applies to plants that require little moisture.
5. Green Zone 3 to 8
Add water until the meter needle reaches the second half of the green zone. This applies to plants requiring regular watering.
6. Blue Zone 8 to 10
If the meter needle is in the blue zone the plants do not require watering.
7. For best results always consult your plants instructions for watering regularity.

Light Meter
Helps select the best position to place your house plants to give you the correct light levels.
Instructions for Light Meter:
1. Set switch to centre.
2. Place the meter next to the plant with the photometer eye towards the light source. Do not mask the photo eye. Take the light reading on the dial and consult your plants instructions for its light requirements. Move the position of the plant towards or away from the light source as recommended.

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